Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dear Spring

Dear Spring,

Hi, remember me? The girl who used to come on here and post about things she wore? Well, you know what? Right now, you - or rather, your distinct absence - are making my life difficult.

I am tired of wearing the same boring combinations of boots, jeans and as many layers as I can wear before my arms stand out at a 90 degree angle from my body. I am tired of walking past shops and staring woefully at all of the brightly coloured, pretty things that hang in the window and that I cannot buy because I have no feasible way to wear them, unless I can stick a pair of long johns on underneath.

Of course, I can't afford to buy any of it anyway since my shoe fund now goes on all manner of silly things like door handles but still, I want to dream of the possibilities. I want to be hot and sweaty on the tube because it is warm and balmy above ground and not because I am still wearing the same winter coat that I have been wearing for six months.

Oh, that coat. The one I bought back in the last week of July when I was sick of shorts and longed for a chill in the air so that I could finally throw it over my shoulders, at least in the style of Batman until it was actually cold enough to slip my arms into its beautiful quilted leather sleeves. OH, how I loved you dear coat. Well, you know what? You're looking a little sad and worse for wear now, like a silk dress at 2am after a night of dancing and spilt cocktails. Even de-pilling you hasn't got us anywhere, has it? And yes, you can argue that for once you've been great value for money and cost-per-wear-blah-blah-blah but you know what?


I want swishy little dresses worn with bare legs, silky trousers with t-shirts and  light spring jackets like the ones that I constantly shoot for fashion stories but cannot physically wear without succumbing to hypothermia. I dream of sandals and summer pedicures in bright colours and PLIMSOLLS. Oh god, I miss wearing little plimsolls and pumps without my feet feeling like they have no blood left in them.

I want to wear sunglasses because it is bright outside, not because its so windy that without them my eye makeup will have been cried off and somewhere around my chin before I even get to the bus stop in the mornings.

In short, dear Spring, you're messing with my plans. So dust yourself off, bid your arctic winds goodbye and get your legs out, okay?