Friday, 28 December 2012

Bad habits

My awful habit of disappearing off seems to have reared its ugly head again, has it really been two and a half months since I last posted? Apparently so. Limited daylight, a busy work schedule and a host of personal things have meant I've been off the radar, apologies.

In fact, looking at the date of my last blog, I know exactly where it all went wrong, or rather right. You see, for the last six months my boyfriend and I have been playing the wonderful game of try-and-buy-a-flat. Two days after my last post on here, our offer was accepted and since then, we have been wrangling with brokers, solicitors, estate agents and god knows who else in the attempt to actually get our hands on the keys. It's been immensely stressful (as anyone who has ever bought or attempted to buy a property can attest, I'm sure) but we're almost there.

In doing so, my priorities and financial outgoings have had to change somewhat. No longer am I allowed to buy endless pairs of shoes as I am now having to think about things like partition walls, pocket doors and coffee tables.

I promise that I will be back here come January (once I've lost the Christmas pigs in blankets weight) but until then if you'd like to follow the adventure that is my interiors-induced madness, head over to my other blog FLATZILLA.