Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I admit, I have been utterly useless these last few weeks when it comes to blogging. Combine a very busy work season with the process of trying to buy a flat and you get one very exhausted me, top it all off with rain and wind and you have one very exhausted, damp and pissed off me. I've spent the last few days sliding all over the place in my Topshop boots (distinct lack of grip on the soles) so I decided that today it was time to switch out to my old buddies Converse All Stars. Noone likes a stylist with a leg in plaster and I could see that coming a mile off if I carried on in the boots, think they'll have to wait for drier days.

Now, I'm usually a classic black All Stars girl, switching out to white or cream in the summer but I got sent this pair by Littlewoods back in the summer during the Olympics and today I felt like I needed a bit of colour to my look - wearing black skinnies and a black coat needs a bit of breaking up sometimes, plus the berry/wine red seemed very seasonally apt, especially when teamed with the masses of leaves at my bus stop.

In fact, I liked this colour so much that when I customised a pair at Schuh a few weeks ago, I went for high tops in the same colour but that's another story for another day.

Converse All Stars available at Littlewoods [here]