What is Thirty Days?
Thirty Days started out as a fun challenge back when I decided to clear out and organise my shoe wardrobe back in April 2010. Upon seeing how many pairs of shoes I own, a colleague commented that I could easily wear a different pair of shoes every day for a month and the challenge was on. After the original 30 Days of Flats, I decided to carry on with a series of new challenges. The rest, as they say, is history. If you fancy challenging me or suggesting a theme, please get in touch.

Who are you?
My name is Antonia Kraskowski. For my day job, I am a fashion stylist at the Daily Express. You can see some of my work [here].
I have too many clothes. At night, I try to sort through them.

Are your posts sponsored?
Honesty is the best policy - I sometimes get given things but I will only feature things that I like and I will always mention if what I'm featuring has been gifted to me. I am not paid for posts - I do Thirty Days for fun, not profit.

How can I contact you?
Email: ant@thirty-days.co.uk
Twitter: @adulescent
Facebook: here