Monday, 31 May 2010


DAY EIGHT: Dark tortoiseshell aviators, Carrera
It’s a grey miserable day and I’m feeling a little under the weather with a set of swollen tonsils as well as being at work, so I felt that today warranted some big ‘ole dark glasses. These awesome giant aviators from Carrera have been named as the style of the season by Sunday Times Style magazine, which is just as well as I have two pairs. Expect to see the others very soon! 
Worn with: Grey printed tee, Marc by Marc Jacobs; Black skinny jeans, Topshop; Black All-Stars, Converse; Leopard-print cardigan, Pure Collection; Grey leather biker, Topshop; Glasses necklace, Me & Zena; Big black scarf, unknown.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


DAY SEVEN: Orange diamante-studded sunglasses, Mango (2009)
I’m a little hungover today, so I needed some big, fuck-off sunglasses to illustrate the point that I am to be left alone with the papers and a can of Coke until I see fit to move from my position in the sun on the lawn. These sparkly numbers fit the bill perfectly. With their rock star ridiculousness, I feel they brought a certain something to my outfit of trackpants and tee, plus their oversized frames hid my tired eyes from the wind and sun. Job done.
Worn with: Trackpants, Topshop; printed tee, Topman; Silver slippers, Ugg.

Saturday, 29 May 2010


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DAY SIX: I heart MJ aviators, Ricky’s NYC
The Great British Summer and it’s delightful weather are no match for my sunglasses; despite the awful weather, I maintain my right to wear sunnies even when it’s raining. I picked these up in Miami last year for my friend Trina and ended up buying a pair for myself. We’re both Marc Jacobs-aholics and so these, with their I heart MJ made the perfect gift.
Worn with: striped tee, H&M; leopard-print scarf, Marks & Spencer; Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Grey leather jacket, Topshop; Navy & cream quilted pumps, Office; Grey leather bag, Jaeger; umbrella, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Friday, 28 May 2010


DAY FIVE: Leopard-print sunglasses, Primark
I bought these one sunny Saturday when the pair that had previously been gracing my face literally fell apart in front of my face. A quick dash around Primark and £1 later, these were sitting pride of place.
Seeing as I got my nails done in a mint green and black leopard print by Wah! Nails last night, I thought it only fitting to wear these today.
Worn with: White slubby tee, Asos; Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Blue espadrilles, Penelope Chilvers; Grey star hoodie, Olga di Polga; Military jacket, Da Nang; Yellow satchel, Asos.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


DAY FOUR: Red Heart Sunglasses, Topshop
I know it’s not really very warm or sunny today but my tired eyes still needed some sunnies today after last night’s Ray-Ban party (more on that after the jump) so I picked this heart shaped pair from Topshop. I own these in a couple of different colourways from various places as they’re a little piece of fun in an otherwise conventional outfit and I like a little referencing to Lolita when I’m feeling too old and weary. I picked my red pair to break up my otherwise monochrome pirate-meets-parisian look today. I’m heading to an SATC2 screening tonight as well so I figure these - along with some sequin shorts - can be my attempt at ‘fabulous’, as instructed on the invite.
Worn with: Striped top, Day Birger et Mikkelson; Black jeans, Topshop; Silver necklace, Phase Eight; Black quilted pumps, Office; Black jacket, Topshop; Yellow satchel, Asos.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


DAY THREE: Blue Wayfarers with NYC Subway print arms (Special series), Ray-Ban
In honour of the Ray-Ban Aviator party tonight, I thought it only right to represent and wear some Ray-Bans today. Since the large gold Aviators that I lust after are not yet part of my collection some lovely, shiny blue Wayfarers will be taking their place proudly on the bridge of my nose. These beauties from the spring/summer limited edition collection are awesome with a capital A as they have the New York subway map printed inside; when I got them, it was very much love at first sight and they have very rarely left my face/hair since. I kid you not, I’ve never had so many compliments, comments and requests to try them for a pair of sunglasses that I’ve owned.
If blue isn’t your colour, the range also comes in some other lovely bright Pantone colours as well as more subtle black and white. I’m giving serious thought to a black pair with floral print inside. Yum.
Worn with: Black skinny jeans, Topshop; Black and cream striped tee, BDG; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Yellow satchel, Asos; Pewter woven pumps, Topshop.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


DAY TWO: Grey and pink retro sunglasses, Marks & Spencer
The sunny weather’s holding out a little longer so today’s snap comes from the little patch of grass by my office. Everyone always jokes that my sunglasses are permanently attached to my head when they’re not on my face so I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let you see them in their natural habitat.
Worn with: Denim jacket, Abercrombie & Fitch; White tee, Topshop; Spotty culottes, Miss Selfridge; Yellow satchel, Asos; Nude pumps, Topshop.
Special thanks goes to Simona from The Assistants Wear Primark for taking today and yesterday’s photos.

Monday, 24 May 2010


DAY ONE: Military issue Aviators
So, welcome to another 30 Days! Join me as I continue working through my vast collection of accessories, as the weather’s finally improving, I thought it might be nice to move on to sunglasses. To kick things off, I’d like to introduce you to my military issue aviators. Oh Aviators, schmaviators I hear you cry. Well, I bet yours fall off when you dangle upside down, don’t they?
Not these ones. I picked them up a few years ago when I was working on a film that had lots of military stuff - they have special flexible arms which hook around the back of your ears so that when you’re flying planes upside down and the such they stay firmly in place. In tribute to them, I’ve decided to channel Top Gun for the rest of my outfit today.
Worn with: Cotton khaki playsuit, Primark; White vest, H&M; Gold ant necklace, Links of London. Not pictured: Gold sandals, Topshop; Yellow leather satchel, Asos.

Hello and welcome to another installment in the Thirty Days series. As an ode to the sun finally breaking through (about bloody time), I’ve decided to introduce you to my vast collection of sunglasses, which rank up there with shoes in my all-time-obsessions hall of fame.
Over the next 30 days, I’ll be wearing a different pair of sunnies from my collection every day and documenting them on here. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


…or is it?
During the last 30 days, I’ve had lots of people ask me if I’d carry on past the one-month mark, whether I’d do another item or just chuck it in altogether. Well, I’m not ready to jack it in quite yet.
From next week, I’ll be back with another 30 days but with something other than shoes. Truth is, I’d quite like to wear a few of my favourite pairs again but all you shoe-fetishists out there, fear not, the flats challenge will be back sooner rather than later as there’s still a slew of shoes that need to be dusted down and aired out.
So, don’t forget to check back here during the week for more details of my next 30 day challenge - I’ll be revealing details before the next round goes live next Monday.
See you all next week for another month of challenges!


DAY THIRTY: Gold leather braided sandals, Hermes
Drumroll please! Today is the final day of the fun little experiment that has been 30 days of flats so I thought it only right to go out with somewhat of a bang with these gorgeous gold Hermes sandals. These are another find from the second-hand shop in Chelsea and were again pretty much brand spanking new when I purchased them a few weeks ago. I’ve been saving them for today and it seems that the weather gods decided to play along and give me some sunshine to wear them in. As you might be able to see, they too have the espadrille-style rope base that I’ve become fond of recently and the slingback means that they don’t go flying off as I trot down the street in them.
Worn with: Black skinny jeans, Topshop; Chain print top, New Look. Not pictured: Grey leather biker jacket, Topshop; Grey leather bag, Jaeger; Grid print scarf, Deena & Ozzy
Check back later for one final very special post and some exciting 30 days shaped news… Bet that’s made you curious, hasn’t it?

Monday, 17 May 2010


DAY TWENTY NINE: Pink patent leather ballet pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs
We’re almost at the end of this fun little experiment and admittedly, these are pretty new to the stable. I am a total Marc Jacobs junkie, so imagine my delight when I came across these pretty pumps in a second hand shop in Chelsea for £50. It would’ve been rude NOT to buy them, especially as they’re brand new - not a single scratch on the soles. They’re a nice little burst of colour in my otherwise monochromatic wardrobe and for that (and the fact that they’re MJ), I love them.
Don’t forget to have your say about whether I should continue beyond 30 days in the comments section! Believe me, there’s still a lot of shoes that could do with an airing.
Worn with: Black leggings, Topshop; Stripe sheer tee, H&M. Not pictured: Black silk cardigan, Zara; Grey leather biker jacket, Topshop; Grey leather bag, Jaeger.


DAY TWENTY EIGHT: Blue chambray pumps, Lands’ End
My espadrille obsession continues, although in a slightly different form today. This pair from Lands’ End are what I can only describe as the ultimate hybrid - ballet pump meets rope-based espadrille. I got these not too long ago and in the purposes of research, just discovered that they’re currently on offer on the Lands’ End website (link above) for five quid off. I really wish that I didn’t know that as it now means that I’m debating the same pair in the bold stripe.
Worn with: Grey jeans, Uniqlo; Blue bat wing sweater, Topshop. Not pictured: Grey leather bag, Jaeger.
Before I go for this evening, I have some questions for you, dear reader. Think of it as customer satisfaction if you will. As you may’ve noticed, the deadline for 30 days is rapidly approaching which makes me kind of sad as I’ve had a lot of fun doing this project and getting comments from everyone who reads it. Now, the question is should I continue beyond the 30 days? The truth is, I’ve still got a lot of shoes to wear and if you guys are game, so am I. Another option that I toyed with was to do another item as a 30 day challenge. I’d really like it if over the next 48 hours or so, you could all leave your opinions in the comments section or hit me up via twitter.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


DAY TWENTY SEVEN: Black grosgrain and silver stud ballet pumps, Topshop(2009)
I bought these last winter and due to their non-leather body, I decided that they were too fragile to wear sloshing through puddles. Now that the weather has finall improved (albeit marginally) I can finally wear them and tonight was due to be their first outing to a gig but at the last minute exhaustion from this week’s exploits meant that I decided to stay at home. Therefore, these little stunners will have to wait a little longer to make their grand sartorial debut beyond my front door.
Worn with: Black skinny jeans, Topshop; Black and white stripe jumper with epaulette detail, Zara.


DAY TWENTY SIX: Grey, white and green paint-splatter espadrilles, Topshop
Firstly, I once again apologise for posting late. I didn’t get home until about 2:30am last night after flying back from my work trip. By that time, all I could do was kick off my shoes and fall into bed after a 22 hour day. Ouch. Anyway, on with the shoes. Oh look, another pair of espadrilles, I told you I was having a moment, didn’t I?
I bought these in Topshop on the same day as the gold woven leather sandals from Day 25. I dithered about which colour to get them in before eventually settling on the grey pair. Espadrilles were a good choice for my long day - we were up early shooting our final story before a short break and then packing up to make our flight. These are still a little tight on top but the canvas will soon give and after that, I have a feeling they won’t be leaving my feet much!
Worn with : Denim shorts, Zara; ‘Peace’ vest, Zadig & Voltaire; Green cropped parka jacket, River Island; Studded belt, Gap. Not pictured: Floral printed bag, Gap.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


DAY TWENTY FIVE: Gold leather woven sandals, Topshop (2010)
So, I know I’m meant to be wearing existing shoes from my collection but a few weeks ago I was surfing around during my lunch break and came across these little beauties. At only 25 quid, I could hardly say no, could I? I find that sometimes with Topshop shoes (particularly their sandals) it’s advisable to go down a size, as I have with these - I ended up buying them in both a 36/3 and 37/4 but the latter ended up going back as my short stumpy toes look decidedly better in the smaller size. So far, they’ve proven to be very comfortable and their leather soles are a flexible god-send in comparison to the pair I wore yesterday. They’re still in store, so grab them while you can by clicking on the link above.
Worn with: Black strapless blouson silk playsuit, Reiss. Not pictured: Striped bikini, New Look; Floral print canvas bag, Gap. 


DAY TWENTY FOUR: Pink leather ruffled sandals, Topshop (2008)
My sincerest apologies for the delay in posting but I couldn’t get onto my computer until almost 11pm last night and by that time I was so exhausted that the idea of staring at a computer and doing complicated things like thinking were most definitely out of the question. We spent most of yesterday shooting on a boat which meant that these Topshop sandals didn’t get much wear as I spent a vast majority of the time running around barefoot which was probably only a good thing. As much as I love these sandals and their great summer colour, the wooden soles mean that as far as comfort factors go they’re pretty low but fashion is pain so I still wear them.
Worn with: Black and cream stripe strapless playsuit, Topshop; Studded belt, Gap. Not pictured: Floral canvas tote, Gap; Striped bikini, New Look.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


It’s been a long working day, today will have to wait until tomorrow. Apologies for the slackness but you’ll get a double post tomorrow. Oooh!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


DAY TWENTY THREE: Pewter leather slides, Primark (2008)
Today’s been a busy day full of recee-ing and shooting, so comfort was a big issue - especially in heat. I bought these Birkenstock-esque slides from Primark two years ago and again, they were another multiple purchase as I found myself buying a second pair about a week later as they well and truly won me over. They started off very bright and shiny but then quickly broke down to more of a crackled pewter shade which I really like - and at only four pounds a pair, they were truly at the bargainous end of my shoe collection!
Worn with: Denim shorts, Zara; Red micro-stripe tee, New Look. Not pictured: Blue studded leather bag, Marks & Spencer; Blue wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban (these are actually glued to my face)

Monday, 10 May 2010


DAY TWENTY TWO: Blue and bronze leather espadrilles, Penelope Chilvers (2010)
Today’s a day of travelling as I’m off to Turkey for work until Friday so I need to wear shoes that are comfortable, have a little give and still look nice - these leather espadrilles from Penelope Chilvers are just the ticket. I got them as a press gift a few weeks ago and I love them so much that I’m considering buying another pair as I’m having a total espadrille moment.
These are a bit pricey at almost £80 but they’re worth pretty much every penny. They also have a really cool affect - the more you wear them, the top colour breaks down to reveal a metallic colour underneath. There’s lots of different colourways to choose from and my next ones will probably be the pearly white or jaunty saffron yellow. 
Or maybe both, bank manager allowing.
Worn with: Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Striped jumper, Boden. Not pictured: Grey leather biker jacket, Topshop; Grey UFO scarf, Topshop Unique; Pewter cross body bag, Burberry.

Sunday, 9 May 2010


DAY TWENTY ONE: Nude pleather ballet pumps, Topshop
Before you say it, yes I am wearing trackpants today. It’s Sunday, I’m relatively hungover and I’ve got to pack for a five day work trip that I’m going on tomorrow so if you think there’s any chance that I might squeeze myself into something less comfortable, you’re grieviously mistaken. These little ballet pumps are great for running around the house and that’s all they’re really good for as they have very thin soles. When I bought them, they actually came with a little warning sticker to say that they shouldn’t be worn outside for extended periods so these remain definite indoor shoes, rather like a pair of expensive cats - if expensive cats cost 16 quid and came from Topshop.
Worn with: Cream cropped trackpants, Abercrombie & Fitch; Black cow print t-shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs.


DAY TWENTY: Leopard print ballet pumps, Office
My sincerest apologies for not posting yesterday. Although I left myself plenty of time to get ready, I had several wardrobe crises which meant that in the end, I actually ran out of time to post as our cab also turned up early just to add to the mix. Anyway, on with the shoes. I love a little bit of leopard print, particularly when it comes to shoes - this pair from Office have pretty hard backs and I’m yet to break them in fully but when worn with tights and accessorised with the pain-numbing qualities of alcohol*, I made it through the evening despite the state of my feet after Day 19.
Worn with: Black sheer studded dress, French Connection; Belt, Gap; Black tights, Wolford. Not pictured: Black wool biker jacket, Topshop; Black quilted bag, Chanel.
*Thirty Days does not advocate or endorse alcohol abuse. Please drink responsibly. Preferably in flat shoes.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


I’m having to spend most of today barefoot and house-bound owing to my shoe related injuries from yesterday but I’m off to a fancy pants event this evening, so check back later this afternoon for my red carpet take on flat shoes.

Friday, 7 May 2010


DAY NINETEEN: Grey cotton plimsolls, New Look (2009)
Remember how the other day I was raving about New Look shoes and how incredibly comfortable they are? Well, that doesn’t apply to this pair. These are the devil in shoe form. When I put them on this morning, they were fine. By the time I’d finished my appointments they’d completely shredded my feet and I was half a pack of plasters down. I’ve spent the whole day looking like a Michael Jackson fan after I had to put on thick white towelling socks with them to stop them from actually demolishing my feet entirely. Today was really NOT the day for this to happen but ho hum, you wear and learn - I have most definitely learnt never to wear these again without tights/socks between me and the beasts.
Worn with: Black skinny jeans, Topshop; White cotton vest, H&M; Blue check shirt, Topman; Studded belt, Banana Republic. Not pictured: Grey leather jacket, Topshop; UFO scarf, Topshop Unique; Black eel-skin bag, Prada; Plasters; Grimace.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


DAY EIGHTEEN: Black leather ballet pumps, French Sole
Today is the first day in the history of 30 days of flats where I couldn’t remember if I’d worn a pair of shoes previously or not and I mentally had to do a quick check before I realized that actually, I’ve never worn these before, ever. This lovely virginal pair of pumps is from famed ballet shoe emporium French Sole, where flat shoe lovers can find pumps in every print, colour and style that you could possibly imagine. I was told in the shop that you need to go up one size due to the narrow nature of the shoes but these are already slipping and sliding on my tights-clad feet so maybe I should’ve gone for my regular size. I guess only time will tell.
Worn with: Black tube skirt, New Look; Cropped striped tee, New Look; Zipper trim cardigan, Topshop. Not pictured: Grey leather biker, Topshop; Black scarf, unknown; Black eel skin cross body bag, Prada.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


DAY SEVENTEEN: Black canvas Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Converse
It’s another chilly day in London and with the clouds looking distinctly like they might open and pour, I figured that practicality would have to take priority today so out comes yet another pair of trusty Converse. I bought these recently to replace my original pair that saw me through university and beyond as they were covered in paint and riddled with holes. This pair have fallen apart far more quickly, with the rubber trim hanging off and the backs have already worn through inside. Hmm.
Worn with: Black skinny jeans, Topshop; X-ray print studded tee, Zara; Black and sequin waistcoat, Toki & Nabi; UFO scarf (just seen), Topshop Unique. Not pictured: Grey leather biker, Topshop; Grey leather bag, Jaeger

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


DAY SIXTEEN: Cream and navy leather ballet pumps, Office (2009)
Yes, it’s the final pair of those Office pumps that I seem to own in every single colour-way going. Despite the blisteringly cold wind, I decided that I would channel spring with a muted take on the nautical look today and with their navy toe caps, these are the perfect compliment to another one of my wardrobe staples, a breton stripe jumper. 
Worn with: blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Grey and blue striped jumper, Boden. Not pictured: Grey leather biker, Topshop; Blue paint scarf, Urban Edge; Grey leather bag, Jaeger.

Monday, 3 May 2010


DAY FIFTEEN: Yellow leather ballet pumps, New Look
I’m feeling a little tired after yesterday’s celebrations so I decided to cheer myself up with my bright yellow pumps from New Look. I own these in about five different colours as they’re really comfortable, although the soles are a little on the thin side so they’re not ideal if there’s lots of walking to be done. Thankfully, today’s walking has been limited to house-car-restaurant-car-house so it’s all good.
Worn with: Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Grey cashmere-mix tee, Asos Black; Leopard-print cardigan, Topshop. Not pictured: Grey leather biker, Topshop; Black quilted mini-bag, Chanel; Black scarf, unknown.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


DAY FOURTEEN: Navy cropped wellies, Joules (AW2010)
Today, we’d been planning to have a barbeque for my boyfriend’s 27th birthday but the weather conspired against us and it has pissed it down - on and off - all day in London so we’ve been forced inside for most of the day.
As such, when I went to do the food shop this morning, I decided that wellies were the order of the day to deal with water-logged car parks across West London. I got these a few weeks ago as a press day gift and they’ve proved very useful as I’ve hopped from puddle to puddle in my quest for paper plates and sausages. This short style won’t be available for a few months but in the meantime, you can get a knee-length version from their equestrian range right now - check out their website for details. (Link above)
Worn with: Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Chain print top, New Look. Not pictured: Green cropped parka, River Island; Grey leather bag, Jaeger; Oversized beanie, Topman

Saturday, 1 May 2010


DAY THIRTEEN: Camouflage canvas ballet pumps, Primark (2007)
Sorry for the delay in posting again, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday on Monday so I had to make my way to Westfield today to finish my present buying. Going to Westfield on Saturdays is a bit like going to war, so in honour of the battle wounds that I would (and did) collect, today I decided on my camouflage ballet pumps from Primark. I originally bought these for a friend’s army themed party where everyone had to wear some form of the pattern to gain entry. As I was heading there straight from work, my old cargo trousers and tees would’ve probably got me weird looks on the tube so these shoes seemed like a good compromise. I hadn’t worn them since but as they’re a dark pattern, they pass by most people unnoticed, except my friend Owen who seemed to like them.
Worn with: Black Baxter jeans, Topshop; White oversize triangle-print vest, Aqua. Not pictured: Grey and black oversized cardigan, Gap; Grey leather bag, Jaeger; Game face.