Monday, 28 June 2010



So, I promised you that a new 30 Days would be starting today.
Unfortunately, owing to technical difficulties (read: getting thrown off the internet constantly by our really rubbish Virgin Media modem) I’m going to have to postpone until tomorrow morning when I can actually use a steady connection that doesn’t resemble a bucking bronco.
But hopefully the wait will be worth it!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


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DAY THIRTY: Brown oversized sunglasses, Vintage
It’s been a lovely, sunny day here in Rye, the perfect weather for sunglasses and a fitting send off for this round of 30 Days. I picked these up last summer in a charity shop down on the south coast and have only just rediscovered them after digging them out from the middle of the pile of sunnies that is forever threatening to spill off one of the shelves in my bedroom. I love big frames and the angular edges of these got my attention straight away. That and the 50p price tag!
Worn with: Grey elbow patch jumper, Kookai; Striped vest, New Look; Denim shorts, Zara; Yellow satchel, Asos; Gold sandals, Topshop
So, 30 Days will be taking a break for a few days to enjoy the rest of the sunshine but we’ll be back next Monday with another round of sartorial challenges. I’ll be posting more details later this week, so make sure you check back soon!

Monday, 21 June 2010


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DAY TWENTY NINE: Black Clubmasters, Ray-Ban
Since this is the day before last, I figured it was time to get out the Clubmasters, a truly iconic pair of sunnies. I often think that I don’t look good in smaller frames but I love these, especially in classic black; I feel a bit like a female James Dean wearing them and the retro vibe works well in Rye, where I'm currently on a mini-break.
Worn with: Leopard print jacket, Topshop; Black striped tee, BDG; Denim shorts, Zara; Studded bag, Max C; Gold sandals, Topshop.


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DAY TWENTY EIGHT: Dark green sunglasses, Topshop
Apologies for the lateness of yesterday’s post (again), it was another busy day of packing for our trip to Rye. In fact, this post is actually coming live from the car. These forest green graduated beauties are great for hiding a hangover, which they most definitely did on Sunday. Their square-ish shape is also ├╝ber flattering if you have a big ole face like mine!
Worn with: Grey sweatpants, Topshop; White ribbed vest, Topshop; Blue metallic espadrilles, Penelope Chilvers; Grey UFO scarf, Unique.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


DAY TWENTY SEVEN: Purple oversized sunglasses, Topshop
It’s been another crazy day of shopping in town with Trina and in my exhausted state, I felt that another pair of HUGE sunnies was in order today. I’ve had these dark purple sunglasses from Topshop for a couple of years now and they’re a pair that I come back to over and over because they’re so flattering as a) they’re massive, b) they’re not black. I find that black sunglasses can look really heavy and overwhelming on a lot of people, particularly if you’re fair like me so I tend to go for darker shades of colours instead.
Worn with: Woven leopard print blazer, Topshop; White tee, Asos; Glasses necklace, Me & Zena; Black leather panel leggings, H&M; Black Chuck Taylors, Converse; Black 2.55 bag, Chanel.


DAY TWENTY SIX: Cream and tan striped sunglasses, Warehouse
Sorry sorry sorry for the delay in posting but I have a good reason. As you may have noticed, I am not alone in the photo above. Pictured with me is my very dear friend Trina who I only see once or twice a year since she decided to up sticks and move to Vancouver. We spent the whole day on a whirlwind of shopping and by the time we got home, we were so exhausted that all we could do (apart from watch the England game) was eat pizza and lie down.
These sunnies are from Warehouse, last summer. As you may have realised, I also really like stripes so it kind of makes sense that my love of two tones extended to my sunglasses collection, dont you think? Trina is rocking a lovely pair of black Coach sunnies. Inspired by 30 Days of Sun (coughcough), she ended up buying three new pairs in New Look. For another look at this pair from Warehouse, click through the jump at the bottom of this post.
Worn with: Green military jacket, Da Nang; White tee, Asos; Leather panel leggings, H&M; Pewter woven ballet pumps, Topshop; UFO scarf, Unique; Yellow satchel, Asos; Ant necklace, Links of London.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


DAY TWENTY FIVE: Green retro sunglasses, Topshop
The sun’s shining which has definitely lifted my mood, although you wouldn’t know it from my grumpy face in the photo above (I was just about to go back into the office after lunch). I decided to move away from my usual monochrome uniform and try to embrace a little more colour, with these mint green sunnies from Topshop.
Although I wear a lot of black (even my floral playsuit today is black), I like to add a little pop of colour in the form of sunglasses, hence my extensive collection of colourful frames. I can’t help noticing that my head looks really, really square in that photo, I might need to reshoot for my own vanity. Meh.
Worn with: Black floral playsuit, H! by Henry Holland; Denim jacket, Abercrombie & Fitch; Cream and navy quilted pumps, Office; Yellow satchel, Asos; Ant necklace, Links of London.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


DAY TWENTY FOUR: Clear frame sunglasses, Red or Dead
Remember Red or Dead? When I was in my early teens, it was the coolest label around and then it just seemed to disappear. Then, two years ago, it came back. At first, I kind of ummed and aahed about whether or not I liked it but the last few seasons have really seen their accessories collection step it up.
Their PR sent me these sunnies at the beginning of this year and I liked them but kind of forgot about them until I started doing this set of 30 Days. Their 90s clear frame style seemed like the perfect finishing touch to my monochrome outfit today. By the way, totally off-subject, if you’re still looking for this season’s clog, I fully suggest checking out RoD’s selection, they’re a total Chanel lookalike but with a much more reasonable price tag.
Worn with: Black maxi dress, New Look; Studded belt, Gap; Silk waistcoat, Baby Ceylon; Grey leather biker, Topshop; Black Chuck Taylors, Converse; Yellow satchel, Asos;

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


DAY TWENTY THREE: Light tortoiseshell aviators, Carrera
Sorry for once again posting so late, I fell asleep after dinner. Do these look familiar to you? If you’ve been following 30 Days from the start, probably as these are the same as DAY EIGHT but they’re a really light, almost red tortoiseshell instead of dark frames like the previous pair. Unfortunately the light in this photo doesn’t really do them justice but as my nose currently resembles something out of a horror movie I figured this manner of shooting was much kinder!
These are my new-er pair of the two and when I was selecting them, I err-ed and aahed about whether to get another almost identical pair or change it up. But again, I figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Worn with: Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; White spine print tee, Hannah Marshall 4 Matches at LFW; Green snakeskin-print scarf, Deena & Ozzy; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Yellow satchel, Asos; Blue espadrilles, Penelope Chilvers.

Monday, 14 June 2010


DAY TWENTY TWO: Pale pink Wayfarer-style sunglasses, Mango
…And we’re back up to speed. Since I’m really rather sunburnt after this weekend, my skull candle is modelling today’s pair. I got these Mango sunnies last summer, they were one of those till point purchases that I think actually ended up being more than the top I’d queued to buy. They have mirrored lenses, which not a lot of my other pairs have, so they’re good people watchers. They also did a cracking job of hiding my exhausted face today.
Worn with: Spotted culottes, Miss Selfridge; Sid Vicious tee, Agnes B; Gold sandals, Topshop; Grey off-the-shoulder sweater, Gap; Yellow satchel, Asos.


DAY TWENTY ONE: Red Wayfarers, Ray-Ban
So, we’ve already established that I like to buy things in multiples, which can be an expensive habit. This pair of Wayfarers aren’t actually strictly mine, they were an accessory for one of the shots from the shoot and since I love my blue pair so much but I’m not allowed to wear them for a while, I figured this was a good compromise. They’re also part of the special edition range and have a really cool badge print on the inside. Yum.
Worn with: Grey vest, Illustrated People; Grey denim shorts, Zara; Black wellies, Hunter; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Yellow satchel, Asos. Headband, Festival vendor.


DAY TWENTY: Yellow retro aviators, Jeepers Peepers
This is a look that I like to refer to as Feral Hippy. This is what happens when I go to festivals, particularly around lunchtime of the second day. I start to smell and suddenly find headbands really, really appealing.
You may remember my other yellow sunglasses and think that these look familiar; well, that’s because these are also by Jeepers Peepers who make really cool retro styles of sunnies.
Worn with: Grey vest dress, H&M; Grey denim shorts, Zara; Studded belt, Gap; UFO scarf, Unique; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Black wellies, Hunter; Gold pochette bag, Celia Birtwell for John Lewis; Floral headband, Festival vendor.


DAY NINETEEN: Black chain trim sunglasses, Primark
This day is also known as Isle of Wight Festival Day One. After a long day of driving, lugging equipment, receeing and all manner of other work-related activities, come nightfall it was finally time to chill out with a glass of wine. Thankfully, being working media meant we had access to the VIP bar and viewing area, which afforded us a pretty good view to watch Florence & The Machine, as you can see. Plus beanbags to sit on. I love beanbags.
But I digress, back to sunglasses. I picked these up a few weeks ago when I was in town and had left my sunnies in the office, so I nipped into Primark. They were an absolute bargain at only a quid, so I couldn’t really resist.
Worn with: White vest dress, H&M; Black leggings, Topshop; Black wellies, Hunter; Grey hoodie, American Apparel; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Yellow OTK socks, Jonathan Aston; Yellow satchel, Asos; UFO print scarf, Unique.


DAY EIGHTEEN: Black and multicolour polka dot heart sunglasses, New Look
Right, we’re back! Sorry for the disruption, there was the not-so-little matter of shooting a fashion story at the Isle of Wight festival and the fact that my phone decided to give up all notions of being useful. I could barely make calls, let alone post. 
Anyway, Day 18 sees yet another pair of heart shaped sunnies, this time black with polka dots. I got these last summer from New Look, so they weren’t particularly expensive but they’re pretty awesome.
Worn with: Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Red and white striped vest, New Look; Navy studded cardigan, gIVE; Yellow satchel, Asos; Cream and navy quilted pumps, Office. 

Friday, 11 June 2010



If you’re wondering where 30 Days of Sun has disappeared to, we’re off to the Isle of Wight festival for a shoot. We’ll be resuming normal service on Sunday evening with a full catch up on all four days as battery life probably won’t allow for posts every day.
In the meantime, have a lovely weekend and if you’re at IOW, I’ll be the blonde in lots of different sunglasses!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


day seventeen
DAY SEVENTEEN: Dark tortoiseshell square ‘Marclay’ sunglasses, Oliver Peoples
The weather has been more up and down than Jodie Marsh’s knickers today so I teamed these sunnies from Oliver Peoples with my trusty cropped parka and an umbrella, covering me for all manner of weather emergencies when I popped out to a press day at lunch time. Definitely a good thing as the weather fluctuated between frequent mini monsoons and baking sun.
Worn with: grey vest dress, H&M; black leggings, Topshop; Green cropped parka, River Island; Yellow satchel, Asos

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


DAY SIXTEEN: Black and gold oversized sunglasses, Dorothy Perkins
A few months ago - long before 30 Days was a reality - the lovely ladies from Dorothy Perkins got in touch with me and asked me if I’d like to pick a pair of sunnies from their new DP Collection at Dorothy Perkins. Never one to turn down a pair of sunnies, I picked this awesome oversized pair, which are the perfect foil to my casual outfit for a round of appointments in the rain this morning (although obviously, these stayed in my bag until the sun came out). They’re still available online for a bargainous £15, click the link above to pick up your own pair.
Worn with: Black skinny jeans, Topshop; White tee, Asos; Leopard print cardigan, Topshop; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Black Chuck Taylors, Converse; Yellow satchel, Asos; Gold glasses necklace, Me & Zena.

Monday, 7 June 2010


DAY FIFTEEN: Grey clear aviators, Calvin Klein
Okay, this experiment is proving one thing to me - I own a LOT of pairs of aviators. These are pretty new to the collection, I got them a few weeks ago and I’ve become quite fond of them very quickly. I was a bit skeptical when I was picking them out but I figured rather than going for fail-safe black, I would branch out into clear grey. Living wild, that’s me.
Worn with: Denim shirt dress, Primark; Black leggings, Topshop; Nude pumps, Topshop; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Yellow satchel, Asos.


DAY FOURTEEN: Neon yellow retro-style sunglasses, Jeepers Peepers
My colleagues have recently pointed out that they hadn’t seen these sunnies in quite some time and it got me thinking.. Last year, these seldom left my person, come rain or shine and I feel like I’ve been neglecting them. So on Sunday, I decided it was time to give them a bit of an airing. They look much better with a tan in June than they do with pale skin in February, so maybe they’ll come out a bit more in the not so distant future.
Worn with: Nautical stripe dress, River Island; Black leggings, Topshop; Long black cardigan, Zara; Studded bag, Max C; Navy and cream quilted pumps, Office.


DAY THIRTEEN: Fruit print sunglasses, George at Asda
Sorry for the delay in posting for this weekend and today, my internet connection at home has been somewhat errant but I think I’ve fixed the problem now so…
Saturday’s pair have a definite Carmen Miranda-inspired look to them, decorated in a variety of little fruits. The man from Del Monte, he says yes. The girl from Thirty Days says yes too.
Worn with: Red striped tee, New Look; Denim shorts, Sass & Bide; Gold sandals, Topshop. Studded bag, Max C.

Friday, 4 June 2010


DAY TWELVE: Blue metallic aviators, Ray-Ban
I’d never realised just how many pairs of various aviators I own until I started this project. These are the newest additions to my collection, which were a gift from the Ray-Ban party on DAY THREE. Aren’t they just lovely?
I’m no longer contagious but am very, very pale after spending the last few days hibernating, working and lamenting my oversized tonsils (which I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know are now back to a normal-ish size) so here’s my awesome ant print tee from Issa for Matches as a nice summery background instead.
Worn with: Ant print tee, Issa 4 Matches at LFW; Grey denim shorts, Topshop; Navy and cream quilted ballet pumps, Office; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Leopard print scarf, Marks & Spencer; Yellow satchel bag, Asos.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


DAY ELEVEN: Cream heart sunglasses, Topshop
It’s safe to say that when I like something, I buy it in multiples. I bought these a few years back when I went into Topshop to buy the red pair from DAY FOUR but they were sold out at the time, so I picked up the cream ones instead. You can’t see it in this photo but this pair has mirrored brown lenses and the arms are actually cream and yellow stripes which is a nice detail. I’ve had quite a few friends try to ‘borrow’ them over the years but somehow, I’ve managed to keep hold of them. Just.
As you can see from the photo and the lack of face, I’m still quarantined so I’ve been using the great outdoors as my background for the last few days - today’s sunglasses are shot in our Lavender bush and dear lord, did I have to fight off a lot of bees to take this photo. From tomorrow, I’m officially no longer contagious so my face may well return. Let me know which you prefer, though I’m guessing the flowers will win it.
Worn with: Cream trackpants, Abercrombie & Fitch*; Grey tee, Abercrombie & Fitch*; Silver slippers, Ugg; Grey sweatshirt, Gap; Big black scarf, Unknown.
* - yes, I know I’m wearing A&F, consider this further proof of my illness.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


DAY TEN: Green plastic aviators, New Look
Another day, yet another pair of aviator sunglasses. I had my suspected tonsilitis confirmed this morning by my GP, so I won’t be making an appearance on here until I’m no longer contagious/stop looking like I got run over by a truck. Whichever comes first.
I picked these up a few weeks ago as I dragged The Boyfriend around New Look in order to get him a new holiday wardrobe… and ended up getting these for myself on the men’s floor. They come in an array of rainbow colours - as they’re only eight quid, I also wanted the purple, red and yellow until The Boyfriend pointed out that I already have two pairs of yellow aviators and really do not need a third pair.
Worn with: Grey jeans, Uniqlo; Grey sweatshirt, Gap; Leopard-print scarf, Marks & Spencer

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


DAY NINE: Red vintage-style sunglasses, Primark
Since I have suspected tonsilitis, I’m not really feeling to have my picture taken today, so Holly the Dachshund very graciously stepped in to be my model this evening.
These are another Primark purchase from a while ago two years ago, possibly longer and I don’t really wear them much anymore as the lenses are pretty scratched up but I love their shape as they remind me of a pair my maternal grandmother used to wear.
Worn with (dachshund): Nothing but a grimace.
Worn with (human): black tee, Asos; Grey skinny jeans, Uniqlo; Black Chuck Taylors, Converse; Blue leopard-print cardigan, M&S; Grey leather biker, Topshop; Black scarf, unknown; Yellow satchel, Asos; Two oversized tonsils.