Friday, 28 September 2012


Every autumn, I have a check list of new things that I want for the season and without doubt, a pair of boots (or maybe even two) is always on there. I have always wanted ankle boots but until recently, I was convinced that ankle boots would never be mine on account of my splendidly hideous cankles. You're probably shaking your head at this point and muttering something about me being crazy but y'know, once you get something into your head, it becomes very hard to shift hate of a body part. Even more so than the body part itself.

Anyway, my general rule with key purchases for the new season is get in there early. Like coats, the good stuff comes out while you're still thinking about what you're going to pack for your beach holiday. I bought these back in June when I was a little bit tipsy. I then, as I do every year, spent a few weeks staring at them, thinking I was mad for buying them and that I should take them back (god, was I really that drunk when I handed over my card?). I also didn't wear them for fear of having to take them back and not being able to return them. This in turn led to what-if-they're-not-comfortable anxiety and oh-god-what-have-I-done-itis. Good lord, it was like a buckled leather Catch-22. Traumatic.

I finally decided that I liked them in September (oh yeah, just ten weeks since I'd bought them) and decided that I wanted to wear them to Fashion Week. Of course, I procrastinated with breaking them in until it got to the point where it was the Thursday night before LFW kicked off, there were clothes, shoes, bags and more clothes strewn literally EVERYWHERE and I thought sod it, I'm wearing those tomorrow. I lobbed some Compeeds and a blister stick in my bag and prayed that the shoe gods and knee deities would align and allow me a peaceful fashion week without blisters or dislocations.

See, my knee was another factor. I haven't worn any kind of heel for over two years, not even a little two inch number like these for fear of another dislocation. But I am proud to say that so far, so good. I wore them three days out of five at LFW and at no point did my feet or knees start to compain. Hell, I even ran for a bus the other day while wearing them and that really doesn't happen often.

While they're cut out on the sides (Topshop's attempt at transitional boots, I believe), for winter I'm rocking them with socks that peek out. For this purpose, I have bought numerous pairs of the same Topshop lace edged socks that usually just about pop out. I even coordinated my socks to my jumper today. I'm cool like that. Or something.

Worn with: sunglasses, Valentino; scarf, All Saints; jumper, Chinti & Parker; leather shorts, H! by Henry Holland; socks, Topshop; watch, Michael Kors.

Monday, 24 September 2012


Ah, a return to normal life on a weekend. With the last two taken up by Bestival and then fashion week, I was really, really ready just to chill out and do normal stuff this weekend but clearly, I wasn't quite ready to let go of some aspects of my previous weekends' wardrobe and makeup options.

Hitting the park with Holly the sausage in the glorious sunshine, I figured that it was as good a time as any to road test a new bit of bling. I picked it up last week when I got invited to go and check out the new flagship Primark store on the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. 

Let me tell you, that place is BIG - four floors and god only knows how many square metres of fast fashion. It took me a good hour to cover traipse around the whole building and that was without the crowds, although admittedly I was juggling a glass of champagne and a basket brimming full of clothes.

[above, L to R: champagne and empty aisles, the EPIC coloured denim wall]

I have to say, having the run of a virtually empty Primark was amazing plus this branch is the first to stock the whole of the Limited Edition collection, which when we saw it a few weeks ago at their press day had us all oohing and aahing - this necklace is part of it and at the knockdown price of £8 its a winning edition to my treasure trove of massive sparkly necklaces - I just wish I'd got it before fashion week. Still, just as good for strutting around the park in the sunshine as it would've been at Somerset House.

PS: What do you think of the new image style? Yay or nay? Drop me a note and let me know in the comments section.

Worn with: Parka and studded jeans, Zara; drop hem tee, Primark; Checked shirt, Old Navy; plimsolls, Converse; studded sunnies, Valentino; mini bag, NW3 by Hobbs.

Friday, 21 September 2012


When I was at school, our year was divided into two clear camps - those who carried nylon Warehouse record bags and those who carried backpacks. Seeing as I walked about three miles a day and was never one of those people who travels light, my patch-covered Eastpak and I fell very firmly into the latter group. When I was backpacking in my gap year and then again at university, backpacks were my lugging device of choice but after I finished all forms of education and reckless gallivanting I thought my backpack days were over and for the most part, I was right.

Until I walked into the Push PR showroom just before fashion week and laid eyes on this beauty. It was lust at first sight and then love the second I picked it up and stroked the beautiful sheepskin panel. If you'd told me two weeks ago that I would become deeply attached to a rucksack, especially during London Fashion Week, I probably would've laughed and asked what you'd been smoking but this bag revolutionised my life - I could carry my iPad, two cameras, various cables, a bursting makeup bag, extra jumper, tights, scarf and hat, not to mention tickets, oyster and so on without needing two extra bags and a back brace.

A lot of people have asked me if I'm not weary of getting sticky fingers reaching into it but it has a very clever closure system - the second you slide it on, the top draws closed through metal loops and coupled with a magnetic snap, you'd have to be a world class pickpocket to get in to it. Of course, sliding an oyster card in and out would be a pain but there are two small zippered compartments too for things like your phone etc - one on the side and the other on the back panel which is impossible for someone else to get to when it's on your bag.

And Ruxx really have thought of everything - one thing that always drives me nuts about pretty much every bag I own is the dark interior, particularly annoying when you're sitting in semi-darkness in a show and desperately trying to hunt out a pen, gum or your phone. Ruxx bags are all lined in silver reflective material meaning that you can actually see whatever is lurking at the bottom of your bag. I know that I am really waxing rather lyrically about this bag but I have fallen in love and will be very sad to say goodbye to it. So much so that I am giving serious thought to investing in one. This particular model, the Nancy [here], isn't exactly cheap at £415 for the standard size but in terms of cost per wear I'm pretty sure it's a sound way of spending my next paycheck.

You can see the full range on the Ruxx website -

Worn with: Boucle and leather coat, Zara; boots and jeans, Topshop; sunglasses, Kurt Geiger.

DISCLOSURE: I was lent this bag by the lovely girls at Push PR for my time at London Fashion Week. I have not been paid in any way, shape or form to endorse this product, I simply love it and wanted to share.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I've spent all day in a weird post-LFW slump, alternating between moments of manic productivity and then long periods of staring into space. When my email decided to pack up sometime around lunchtime, I decided that it was time to haul ass away from my desk and get some fresh air.

Wondering aimlessly around New Look as I tried to figure out what I wanted for lunch, I came across this necklace. As we all know, I'm a big fan of the Tom Binns-style paste and diamante necklaces so I pounced on this one faster than you can say knock-off.

Neon and diamente necklace, £12.99, New Look [here]

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


DAY FIVE: Wine and navy oversized sweater, Brave Soul at Own The Runway

The temperature dropped for day five so it was back to the chunky knits and I finally got the chance to wear my new Zara coat that I bought in Poland in July (yes, July). While I thought I would be too hot in this outfit when I left the house, I actually regretted not taking my scarf as there was a chilly wind whipping around Somerset House today. My fashion flu abated enough to allow me to swap trousers for my navy silk dress which paired pretty well with this jumper that the lovely ladies at Own The Runway kindly sent me. It looks like it's knitted from tiny ribbons rather than wool, ergo its super soft and snuggly - perfect for the cooler climes of today!

While I'm sad to say goodbye to London Fashion Week for another season, I'm really quite looking forward to getting back to normal - eating lunch at a reasonable hour rather than 4pm, not spending inordinate amounts of time queuing and sitting on chairs with backs to mention just a few things!

Don't forget, you can see all of the photos that I took for Rimmel London Australia over on their Instagram - RimmelLondonAU and hopefully in a future issue of Grazia Australia! If you're reading this over in Oz, I'm actually in this week's issue so keep an eye out...

Goodbye London Fashion Week!

Worn with: black boucle coat, Zara; silk dress, Topshop Boutique; boots, Topshop; clutch, Christopher Kane; sunglasses, Kurt Geiger; necklace, Nocturne; rucksack, Ruxx Bags.

Monday, 17 September 2012


DAY FOUR: Neon stripe tee, H&M

You probalby wouldn't know to look at me but I am still dying of fashion flu. I have swallowed so many pills that I rattle as I walk/run from show to show. Once again, comfort became a deciding factor in my outfit for the day. I needed layers that I could peel off, so I started with this fine cotton long sleeved tee from H&M that I picked up the other week and then decided that rather than wear a coat, I could layer up jackets what could be easily peeled off when I got too hot.

Once again, I've been relying on my trusty Ruxx backpack that I was loaned for the duration of LFW by the lovely girls at Push PR. I love it so much that I'm giving serious thought to buying one. I forgot how nice it is to be able to evenly distribute the weight between both shoulders - especially useful when you feel as grim as I do plus the straightened sheepskin on the front is incredibly comforting to stroke or cuddle when I'm feeling particularly horrific at times. I never thought I could become emotionally attached to a backpack in such a short space of time but fashion week does funny things to people.

Worn with: sunglasses, Kurt Geiger; leather jacket and black jeans, both Topshop; green cape jacket and studded loafers, both Zara; gold necklace, Dorothy Perkins.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


DAY THREE: Studded loafers, Zara

I am sick. Fashion flu has snuck up and struck - I am not a happy fashion camper today. I woke in the middle of the night to a stuffy head, a runny nose and generally, feeling very grim indeed but the shows must go on.

As such, today has been all about comfort. Sunday is generally a bit more of a laid-back day at LFW and coupled with my flu, I threw this outfit together with both of these aspects in my (fuzzy) mind after prising myself out of bed. I figured a statement shoe and one of my big, bold necklaces would distract from the germ-fest plus I would simply hide behind some dark glasses - noone need know I was dying of flu.

Worn with: Grey cut-out back sweater, Sparkle + Fade; neon stripe tee (underneath), Giles for New Look Menswear; khaki jeans, Topshop; Wayfarers, Ray-Ban; rings, Chanel, Daisy Knights, Monica Vinader and custom by my dad; necklace, Nocturne; bracelets, Chlo-Bo, Daisy Knights, Monica Vinader & Links of London.


DAY TWO: Studded camo shirt, Zara

Just call me GI Barbie! Day two of LFW was another gloriously blue skied hot day and after yesterday, I learnt to go light on the layers - thank god because I've never been so hot as I have been at the Spijkers en Spijkers show. SWEAT BATH.

Anyway, after a morning of running around shows, Intern Harriet and I took a break from the madness and alighted to the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge at the Mayfair Hotel for a bit of R and R in the form of blow dries, drinks and snacks. As you can see from my photo, my hair was very, very curly afterwards. Looking at myself in the mirrors of the loos of the hotel spa, it suddenly occurred to me that this was what I imagined US Army Barbie would look like - leather shorts, camo and a really good blow dry. 

Worn with: leather shorts, Henry Holland; belt, Gap; boots and socks, Topshop; rucksack, Ruxx Bags; clutch, Christopher Kane; sunglasses, Kurt Geiger; necklaces, and Dorothy Perkins.

Accessories (right, top to bottom): green stone ring, Sushilla; silver rings, custom by my dad; skull ring, Daisy Knights; watch, Michael Kors; Beaded bracelet, Azuni.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


DAY ONE: Aztec skirt, Zara

What. A. Day. If you've been following me over on Rimmel London Australia's instagram and twitter, you'll know I've been a very, very busy bee.

I didn't know what the weather was going to do today but I decided to brave bare legs to go with my new Aztec-style beaded skirt but with lots of layers on my top half to keep me warm in cooler moments. I've done a double photo today to show day (less layers) and night, when the temperature dropped.

My biggest revelation from today has been the joys of a backpack, in particular this lovely cuddly number from Ruxx. Heaving my life around is considerably more comfortable when I have two straps!

More tomorrow, right now I need to faceplant into my pillow.

Worn with: black waffle knit, boots and frilled socks, all Topshop; spike necklace,; square chain necklace, Freedom at Topshop; cape jacket, Zara. jelly clutch, Christopher Kane; sunglasses, Kurt Geiger; scarf, All Saints.

Friday, 14 September 2012


So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have news! Those of you who've been around the block with me will know that every season during London Fashion Week I run another blog called Postcards From London, posting images from my adventures at the shows and beyond.

Well, this season the lovely folks over at Rimmel London Australia have asked me to be their London Fashion Week Style Blogger, as featured in Grazia Australia (keep an eye out Aussie readers, I'll be in Monday's issue!). I'll be running around all over the place, snapping photos for their Instagram, @rimmellondonau. If you don't have instagram, you can still follow me on the instagram viewer webstagram [here].

 So come join the party, see the shows and beyond through my eyes (slash lens). I'll also be tweeting at @rimmellondonau and posting daily roundups to their facebook page, [here] so please do check it out and get involved!

I'll also be posting here and tweeting at my regular account @adulescent when I have time so keep checking back and if you're at LFW and you see me around the tents, come say hi!

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Totally fell off the radar again, sorry. I've been running around like a loon, prepping for London Fashion Week and enjoying one last taste of summer at Bestival (which has also left me with some festival flu, thanks guys!).

Those of you who follow me on twitter (@adulescent) may've seen some tweets I've posted about an exciting project that I've been working on in the last few weeks.

Well, all will be revealed this evening, so keep checking back!

Friday, 7 September 2012


DAY TWENTY ONE: Neon pink and diamanté necklaces, H&M

Remember the lime green neon and diamant√© necklaces that kicked off my Brights series oh so long ago [here]? The £9.99 necklaces went on to sell out and some were selling on eBay for silly money - I mean, come on, for £80? For an H&M necklace? Really?

So, the other night, I had some time to kill between appointments and dying in the sweater that I was wearing during the mini heatwave (genius, I know), I fell into H&M on Regent Street to buy a t-shirt to change into. There's actually another necklace of theirs that I've been stalking since I saw it at the press day so I figured I would have a browse through the jewellery section and see what popped up. So, imagine my surprise when I saw this new version of my other necklaces. They've inverted the colourways and turned the teardrops upside down, as you can see if you compare it to the originals, below:

Straight off, I grabbed two - these definitely either need to be worn together or layered over something else, as I've been doing with my Nocturne necklace - eagle eyed readers will have noticed this in my previous posts.

(Apologies for the poor quality of the photo, I was in a rush - I'll replace it with a better quality one later.)

Worn with: navy dress, Topshop; biker jacket, Topshop; neon nails, American Apparel.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


A slightly off-topic and definitely not brights-related post today but I figured I had to address the weird, weird weather in London today. In fact, judging by my recent spate of posts, I could probably turn it into another Thirty Days.

Anyway, I woke up to blue skies and a cold bedroom but owing to the combinations of the chaotic situation of my wardrobe, pre-LFW oddness and a buoyant weather forecast, I decided that today was the perfect day to weather leather shorts to work. I have to say, I love the fact that I have a job where wearing leather shorts to work doesn't raise a single eyebrow - at least, not in my department.

En route to work, I decided that wearing said shorts probably wasn't a bad thing, nor was it at lunch time when it was sweltering (well maybe a little but at that point, the stripey knit was definitely not a good idea) but come home time, the grey clouds had rolled in and suddenly I was very grateful that I'd picked up my new Zara TRF cape that I mentioned the other day [here] as a precaution. I must've made a strange sight, huddled in my cape but still wearing sunglasses.

Ready for anything, me.

Worn with: sunglasses, Kurt Geiger; striped knit, Zara TRF; leather shorts, H! by Henry Holland; bag, Jaeger; canvas high tops, Converse; necklaces, H&M and Nocturne.

Monday, 3 September 2012


DAY TWENTY: Neon skirt, New Look

So, I figured with it being September and all, it was time to pack up the majority of my woefully under-worn summer wardrobe and start the process of moving warmer clothes to the front. Cue a massive wardrobe reshuffle yesterday, only to wake up to bright blue skies and a forecast of 23C today.

Luckily, I'm yet to start the seasonal shift in my hanging wardrobe so I grabbed this neon number that I bought months ago in the New Look sale and threw it on with a trusty grey t-shirt. This skirt is long gone in New Look (weirdly, I never saw it before it went into the sale) but when I went exploring in Topshop on Friday night, I came across this similar peplum version for £40:


Knowing my luck it'll now be absolutely scorching the rest of the week and I'll have to switch back again. Joy.

Worn with: Ombre Wayfarers, Ray-Ban; studded peep-toes, Office; grey tee, Topshop; watch, Michael Kors