Sunday, 9 May 2010


DAY TWENTY ONE: Nude pleather ballet pumps, Topshop
Before you say it, yes I am wearing trackpants today. It’s Sunday, I’m relatively hungover and I’ve got to pack for a five day work trip that I’m going on tomorrow so if you think there’s any chance that I might squeeze myself into something less comfortable, you’re grieviously mistaken. These little ballet pumps are great for running around the house and that’s all they’re really good for as they have very thin soles. When I bought them, they actually came with a little warning sticker to say that they shouldn’t be worn outside for extended periods so these remain definite indoor shoes, rather like a pair of expensive cats - if expensive cats cost 16 quid and came from Topshop.
Worn with: Cream cropped trackpants, Abercrombie & Fitch; Black cow print t-shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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