Wednesday, 26 May 2010


DAY THREE: Blue Wayfarers with NYC Subway print arms (Special series), Ray-Ban
In honour of the Ray-Ban Aviator party tonight, I thought it only right to represent and wear some Ray-Bans today. Since the large gold Aviators that I lust after are not yet part of my collection some lovely, shiny blue Wayfarers will be taking their place proudly on the bridge of my nose. These beauties from the spring/summer limited edition collection are awesome with a capital A as they have the New York subway map printed inside; when I got them, it was very much love at first sight and they have very rarely left my face/hair since. I kid you not, I’ve never had so many compliments, comments and requests to try them for a pair of sunglasses that I’ve owned.
If blue isn’t your colour, the range also comes in some other lovely bright Pantone colours as well as more subtle black and white. I’m giving serious thought to a black pair with floral print inside. Yum.
Worn with: Black skinny jeans, Topshop; Black and cream striped tee, BDG; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Yellow satchel, Asos; Pewter woven pumps, Topshop.

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