Sunday, 11 September 2011


Okay, double apology owed. I promised I’d be back and it’s been, what, a week since? Sorry. My main reason has been a total swamping in my day-to-day job. As some of you may know, in the real world I work as a stylist for the UK newspaper The Daily Express. For our September 2nd edition, we decided to turn our main fashion on its head and rather than shoot the story on a model, this season our readers got to meet the team behind the pages:
For my trend, I chose Masculine - as you’ve probably gathered over the last year or so, I’m a big fan of the tomboy look. The outfit was pretty much my dream look and as such, I’ve bought pretty much everything since - I’m still in search of the Creepers from Underground. Long story as to why I don’t have them yet but we’ll come to that on another day. I have to say, it’s very weird being on the other side of the camera - it’s one thing when it’s on this blog and quite another when it’s in a national newspaper!

For those of you who can’t read the small print, here’s the full breakdown of my outfit:
Coat with leather sleeves, Topshop; Sheer leopard shirt, New Look; Wingtips, Asos; Trousers, Topshop; Creepers, Underground; Gold watch, Michael Kors

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