Sunday, 30 October 2011


DAY THIRTEEN: Grey melange tee, French Connection

I am a sucker for a grey top. I own more grey tees and jumpers than anyone else I know and it has become somewhat of a running joke that wherever I go, chances are I will be wearing something from my extensive grey top collection. 

So when this tee arrived on the Friday before the X-Factor started (complete with a bag of popcorn) to celebrate French Connection's new advertising campaign that was to air the next night during the first episode, I thought all of my christmases had come at once - favourite snack and favourite style top in one package? Woohoo!

You can get your own grey melange tee [here]

Worn with: leather fronted trousers, Oasis

1 comment:

  1. Hello, I'm the "other dachshund" lady from earlier on Twitter ;) Just checking out your blog and I must admit I quite like it. Especially love the Oasis trousers... I'm quite fancying myself a pair of leather trousers but I fear I may have to try on a trillion before I bad the right ones xx