Thursday, 17 May 2012


DAY ONE: Neon and diamanté necklaces, H&M

I seem to spend 90 per cent of my time on this blog apologising for the lack of blogging, so let me do it again: SORRY. The day job has been pretty hectic with millions of press days and plenty to shoot, as you'll know if you read my inane ramblings on twitter [@adulescent].

During my Transition stint, I found myself wearing a lot more colour than I had previously and after a couple of requests on twitter, I thought it might be fun to do brights this time. I know it's kind of cheating after I did colour last summer and I did debate doing neon but I wasn't sure if my colleagues were ready to be blinded on a daily basis, especially my editor who I sit opposite to. If I'm honest, I think they still find it strange when I wear anything other than black or grey.

But I digress. Brights. Where/wear to start? I bought these necklaces in H&M about a fortnight ago. Well, actually I bought one and then went back the following day to buy a second after deciding that one was not enough and WOAH were they selling fast - the  first day I went in, there were four or five racks of them, each holding about 15-20, the following day I got two of the last five necklaces. Mental. But then, they were a rather bargainous £10 each and at the H&M press day today I was informed that they sold out ridiculously quickly and are now selling on eBay for a small fortune. Sure enough, I checked when I got home and they're selling like hot cakes for anywhere between £30 and £70. Say what?

I picked these up as I love the combination of giant diamanté stones and neon, a la Tom Binns. Unfortunately, my salary won't stretch to anything remotely near Tom Binns but H&M, that I can do. Except, apparently, at eBay prices, you crazy people.

Every time I wear one or both of these necklaces, I get stopped all day. It's ridiculous but I love watching peoples' faces when they ask where they're from and I say H&M. Total Kodak moment.

Worn with: striped top, Day Birger et Mikkelson; Wayfarers, Ray-Ban.


  1. Very nice necklace, wish i'd seen them when I was in H&M!

  2. They are rather Tom Binns! Some eBay people are insane - it's meant for buying designer at knockdown prices, not high street at inflated ones...