Thursday, 23 August 2012


DAY FIFTEEN: Yellow paisley trousers, Warehouse

So, as long as the sun is shining and it's technically still summer, I thought I might return to brights. I picked these trousers up in the Warehouse sale when I first came back from Turkey. Suffering the worst case of heat rash that I'd ever experienced (bet you wanted to know that) I couldn't wear anything with even a hint of polyester or that touched my skin, lest I wished to experience the feeling of a cheese grater on the back of my knees.

I'd seen these trousers in the Warehouse sale before I'd left and had regretted not picking them up as they're super soft and just the thing that I wanted to bum around in. I call them my pyjama trousers because that's pretty much what they look like and I wear them whenever I'm having one of those days where I just want to feel like any second I could still go back to bed. Of course, I can't because I'm usually sitting at my desk in the office but y'know, a girl can pretend, right?

Annoyingly, they appear to have disappeared off the Warehouse website where they were only £10 yesterday, marked down from £45 but you may still be able to hunt down a pair in the remains of the sales in your local branch. If you do, I'd fully recommend the purchase.

Quite why they're called Desert Trek trousers is beyond me - I know noone who'd go trekking in the desert in yellow paisley. But then, maybe I haven't lived.

Worn with: Grey tee, H&M; necklaces, Nocturne & H&M; aviators, Ray-Ban; sandals, Topshop.

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