Friday, 28 September 2012


Every autumn, I have a check list of new things that I want for the season and without doubt, a pair of boots (or maybe even two) is always on there. I have always wanted ankle boots but until recently, I was convinced that ankle boots would never be mine on account of my splendidly hideous cankles. You're probably shaking your head at this point and muttering something about me being crazy but y'know, once you get something into your head, it becomes very hard to shift hate of a body part. Even more so than the body part itself.

Anyway, my general rule with key purchases for the new season is get in there early. Like coats, the good stuff comes out while you're still thinking about what you're going to pack for your beach holiday. I bought these back in June when I was a little bit tipsy. I then, as I do every year, spent a few weeks staring at them, thinking I was mad for buying them and that I should take them back (god, was I really that drunk when I handed over my card?). I also didn't wear them for fear of having to take them back and not being able to return them. This in turn led to what-if-they're-not-comfortable anxiety and oh-god-what-have-I-done-itis. Good lord, it was like a buckled leather Catch-22. Traumatic.

I finally decided that I liked them in September (oh yeah, just ten weeks since I'd bought them) and decided that I wanted to wear them to Fashion Week. Of course, I procrastinated with breaking them in until it got to the point where it was the Thursday night before LFW kicked off, there were clothes, shoes, bags and more clothes strewn literally EVERYWHERE and I thought sod it, I'm wearing those tomorrow. I lobbed some Compeeds and a blister stick in my bag and prayed that the shoe gods and knee deities would align and allow me a peaceful fashion week without blisters or dislocations.

See, my knee was another factor. I haven't worn any kind of heel for over two years, not even a little two inch number like these for fear of another dislocation. But I am proud to say that so far, so good. I wore them three days out of five at LFW and at no point did my feet or knees start to compain. Hell, I even ran for a bus the other day while wearing them and that really doesn't happen often.

While they're cut out on the sides (Topshop's attempt at transitional boots, I believe), for winter I'm rocking them with socks that peek out. For this purpose, I have bought numerous pairs of the same Topshop lace edged socks that usually just about pop out. I even coordinated my socks to my jumper today. I'm cool like that. Or something.

Worn with: sunglasses, Valentino; scarf, All Saints; jumper, Chinti & Parker; leather shorts, H! by Henry Holland; socks, Topshop; watch, Michael Kors.

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