Friday, 21 September 2012


When I was at school, our year was divided into two clear camps - those who carried nylon Warehouse record bags and those who carried backpacks. Seeing as I walked about three miles a day and was never one of those people who travels light, my patch-covered Eastpak and I fell very firmly into the latter group. When I was backpacking in my gap year and then again at university, backpacks were my lugging device of choice but after I finished all forms of education and reckless gallivanting I thought my backpack days were over and for the most part, I was right.

Until I walked into the Push PR showroom just before fashion week and laid eyes on this beauty. It was lust at first sight and then love the second I picked it up and stroked the beautiful sheepskin panel. If you'd told me two weeks ago that I would become deeply attached to a rucksack, especially during London Fashion Week, I probably would've laughed and asked what you'd been smoking but this bag revolutionised my life - I could carry my iPad, two cameras, various cables, a bursting makeup bag, extra jumper, tights, scarf and hat, not to mention tickets, oyster and so on without needing two extra bags and a back brace.

A lot of people have asked me if I'm not weary of getting sticky fingers reaching into it but it has a very clever closure system - the second you slide it on, the top draws closed through metal loops and coupled with a magnetic snap, you'd have to be a world class pickpocket to get in to it. Of course, sliding an oyster card in and out would be a pain but there are two small zippered compartments too for things like your phone etc - one on the side and the other on the back panel which is impossible for someone else to get to when it's on your bag.

And Ruxx really have thought of everything - one thing that always drives me nuts about pretty much every bag I own is the dark interior, particularly annoying when you're sitting in semi-darkness in a show and desperately trying to hunt out a pen, gum or your phone. Ruxx bags are all lined in silver reflective material meaning that you can actually see whatever is lurking at the bottom of your bag. I know that I am really waxing rather lyrically about this bag but I have fallen in love and will be very sad to say goodbye to it. So much so that I am giving serious thought to investing in one. This particular model, the Nancy [here], isn't exactly cheap at £415 for the standard size but in terms of cost per wear I'm pretty sure it's a sound way of spending my next paycheck.

You can see the full range on the Ruxx website -

Worn with: Boucle and leather coat, Zara; boots and jeans, Topshop; sunglasses, Kurt Geiger.

DISCLOSURE: I was lent this bag by the lovely girls at Push PR for my time at London Fashion Week. I have not been paid in any way, shape or form to endorse this product, I simply love it and wanted to share.

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  1. I have to concur! LOVE RUXX. I have the pleasure of being the proud owner of 'Freda' the most beautiful addition to my family of bags in years. She is cream luxurious mongolian sheeps wool. She, like my 2 little girls now goes everywhere with me since I upgraded from her older sister 'Clarice' a few months back. Admittedly, I've become attached to people and pets over the years but NEVER TO A BAG! 'Freda' is not just a bag though, she is stress relief on a stressful day, she is a beaut!
    Just one stroke of the beautiful sheeps wool and I feel instantly calmer, animal therapy of sorts I supopse. As a mum of 2 weekly grocery shopping can be a soulless yet necessary activity but with 'Freda' on my back its a great conversation point, definitely takes the drudgery out of a trip to T*sco. I'm constantly stopped by admirers, I like to believe its my beauty but its slowly dawning on me that the exponential increase in admirers is directly attributable to outings with 'Freda'. Ah well, c'est la vie, la vie avec Freda.....