Friday, 7 May 2010


DAY NINETEEN: Grey cotton plimsolls, New Look (2009)
Remember how the other day I was raving about New Look shoes and how incredibly comfortable they are? Well, that doesn’t apply to this pair. These are the devil in shoe form. When I put them on this morning, they were fine. By the time I’d finished my appointments they’d completely shredded my feet and I was half a pack of plasters down. I’ve spent the whole day looking like a Michael Jackson fan after I had to put on thick white towelling socks with them to stop them from actually demolishing my feet entirely. Today was really NOT the day for this to happen but ho hum, you wear and learn - I have most definitely learnt never to wear these again without tights/socks between me and the beasts.
Worn with: Black skinny jeans, Topshop; White cotton vest, H&M; Blue check shirt, Topman; Studded belt, Banana Republic. Not pictured: Grey leather jacket, Topshop; UFO scarf, Topshop Unique; Black eel-skin bag, Prada; Plasters; Grimace.

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