Thursday, 13 May 2010


DAY TWENTY FIVE: Gold leather woven sandals, Topshop (2010)
So, I know I’m meant to be wearing existing shoes from my collection but a few weeks ago I was surfing around during my lunch break and came across these little beauties. At only 25 quid, I could hardly say no, could I? I find that sometimes with Topshop shoes (particularly their sandals) it’s advisable to go down a size, as I have with these - I ended up buying them in both a 36/3 and 37/4 but the latter ended up going back as my short stumpy toes look decidedly better in the smaller size. So far, they’ve proven to be very comfortable and their leather soles are a flexible god-send in comparison to the pair I wore yesterday. They’re still in store, so grab them while you can by clicking on the link above.
Worn with: Black strapless blouson silk playsuit, Reiss. Not pictured: Striped bikini, New Look; Floral print canvas bag, Gap. 

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