Thursday, 13 May 2010


DAY TWENTY FOUR: Pink leather ruffled sandals, Topshop (2008)
My sincerest apologies for the delay in posting but I couldn’t get onto my computer until almost 11pm last night and by that time I was so exhausted that the idea of staring at a computer and doing complicated things like thinking were most definitely out of the question. We spent most of yesterday shooting on a boat which meant that these Topshop sandals didn’t get much wear as I spent a vast majority of the time running around barefoot which was probably only a good thing. As much as I love these sandals and their great summer colour, the wooden soles mean that as far as comfort factors go they’re pretty low but fashion is pain so I still wear them.
Worn with: Black and cream stripe strapless playsuit, Topshop; Studded belt, Gap. Not pictured: Floral canvas tote, Gap; Striped bikini, New Look.

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