Tuesday, 1 June 2010


DAY NINE: Red vintage-style sunglasses, Primark
Since I have suspected tonsilitis, I’m not really feeling to have my picture taken today, so Holly the Dachshund very graciously stepped in to be my model this evening.
These are another Primark purchase from a while ago two years ago, possibly longer and I don’t really wear them much anymore as the lenses are pretty scratched up but I love their shape as they remind me of a pair my maternal grandmother used to wear.
Worn with (dachshund): Nothing but a grimace.
Worn with (human): black tee, Asos; Grey skinny jeans, Uniqlo; Black Chuck Taylors, Converse; Blue leopard-print cardigan, M&S; Grey leather biker, Topshop; Black scarf, unknown; Yellow satchel, Asos; Two oversized tonsils.

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