Wednesday, 16 June 2010


DAY TWENTY FOUR: Clear frame sunglasses, Red or Dead
Remember Red or Dead? When I was in my early teens, it was the coolest label around and then it just seemed to disappear. Then, two years ago, it came back. At first, I kind of ummed and aahed about whether or not I liked it but the last few seasons have really seen their accessories collection step it up.
Their PR sent me these sunnies at the beginning of this year and I liked them but kind of forgot about them until I started doing this set of 30 Days. Their 90s clear frame style seemed like the perfect finishing touch to my monochrome outfit today. By the way, totally off-subject, if you’re still looking for this season’s clog, I fully suggest checking out RoD’s selection, they’re a total Chanel lookalike but with a much more reasonable price tag.
Worn with: Black maxi dress, New Look; Studded belt, Gap; Silk waistcoat, Baby Ceylon; Grey leather biker, Topshop; Black Chuck Taylors, Converse; Yellow satchel, Asos;

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