Tuesday, 15 June 2010


DAY TWENTY THREE: Light tortoiseshell aviators, Carrera
Sorry for once again posting so late, I fell asleep after dinner. Do these look familiar to you? If you’ve been following 30 Days from the start, probably as these are the same as DAY EIGHT but they’re a really light, almost red tortoiseshell instead of dark frames like the previous pair. Unfortunately the light in this photo doesn’t really do them justice but as my nose currently resembles something out of a horror movie I figured this manner of shooting was much kinder!
These are my new-er pair of the two and when I was selecting them, I err-ed and aahed about whether to get another almost identical pair or change it up. But again, I figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Worn with: Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; White spine print tee, Hannah Marshall 4 Matches at LFW; Green snakeskin-print scarf, Deena & Ozzy; Green military jacket, Da Nang; Yellow satchel, Asos; Blue espadrilles, Penelope Chilvers.

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