Friday, 11 November 2011


DAY TWENTY TWO: Black parka, Vince

This whole season has, bar a few days, been unseasonably warm so you may find yourself wondering why on earth I'm dressed as an Eskimo. Well, last night I was doing a night shoot on location, styling a story outdoors right by the River Thames where it was FREEZING cold. I got some strange looks when I was coming into work in my arctic coat but I think I was the only person on the shoot who didn't really feel the cold anywhere other than their face.

Back when I was a costume assistant many, many moons ago on films, I got pretty used to standing around in muddy fields for hours at a time, often at night and that time has taught me that even the mildest days in winter will not translate to mild nights. Thanks to that experience, I have a veritable wardrobe of shoot coats with deep pockets and big hoods to keep me warm. This one from Vince is definitely my favourite due to the HUGE hood which means I can have my hair tied back underneath it. All too often hoods on these kinds of jackets do not provide enough space for my overly-large cranium, let alone the thatch of hair that I have that needs to be tied back on these occasions.

Anyway - awesome coat, awesome shoot. More details nearer the publication time.

Worn with: Zig-zag scarf, Barbour; Grey skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Grey sheepskin boots, Emu.

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