Thursday, 1 December 2011


DAY TWENTY EIGHT: Leather and faux-pony skin satchel, Marks & Spencer

Those who follow me on twitter (@adulescent) will know that recently I've been tweeting up a storm about the spring/summer press days that are happening at the moment. Well, sometimes, filling up peoples' feeds pays off - at the Marks & Spencer press day, they ran a little twitter competition inviting visitors to tweet their thoughts on the collection and the best tweeter would win a satchel. I love a good twitter challenge and jumped on the bandwagon. As you've probably guessed by now, I won!

And I've been wearing my winnings ever since - its a great day bag as its got two large compartments, plus a zipper section in the middle and lots of little pockets that I've been filling with all of my usual handbag detritus. I've been getting lots of people stroking it lovingly and their surprise when I tell them it is in fact M&S has been great - it has a flavour of the Proenza Schueler PS11 which I have been eyeing on net-a-porter for quite some time but at a fraction of the price. Win.

The plain black version has already sold out online but you can get the equally lovely leopard print version [here].

Worn with: leather sleeve coat, Topshop

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  1. when was their twitter comp? missed that little gem - congratulations - love the bag x