Tuesday, 13 March 2012


DAY EIGHT: Trench coat, The Kooples

I have been itching to wear this coat since I bought it just before christmas when I was out during my annual shopping trip with my favourite credit-card-basher Katrina, who was over from Canada. We were about to leave Westfield when I suddenly noticed The Kooples store had opened and went for a quick nosy. Twenty minutes later and serious credit card bashing later (even with 50% off in the sale), I walked about with this beauty, as did Katrina. I'd been looking for a good trench for a while and I wanted something that was a little bit quirkier than your average beige cotton number so this fitted the bill perfectly with the leather, quilting details and the removable sheepskin collar.

It's quite thin and as I bought it in a size 8, it doesn't really accommodate anything chunkier than a fine knit, as I found out during fashion week when I tried to wear my waffle jumper underneath it - I looked like a rather uncomfortable version of the Michelin man for the day.

But spring looks like it is on the verge of, well, springing so I eagerly threw it on this morning. Might have been a bit premature as there's still definitely a bite in the air so the collar will be staying on for a while.

Here's a better shot of the details:

Worn with: grey cashmere sweater, Gap; Spotted trousers, Topshop; Black quilted pumps, Office; Necklace, Nocturne; Folding Wayfarers, Ray-Ban.

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