Wednesday, 14 March 2012


DAY NINE: Neon red nail lacquer, American Apparel

Wearing head to toe black today, blargh. Well, except for my nails, as you can see. I first came across this colour in my friend's handbag one sunny Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago and thanks to my burgeoning obsession with all things neon, felt instantly drawn to it.

On my way home that night as I pottered down Portobello, I snuck into American Apparel to pick up a bottle. The shade is called neon red but really it's more of a really, really blindingly bright coral. While I was in there, I also fell in love with the neon yellow and eyed up the green too. I'm kicking myself now as they were £7 each, or there was a deal if you bought 3, I think for £18. Of course, now they've gone up in price too. 

In terms of how good it is, I was honestly surprised by the lack of chipping. I wore this colour all through LFW and it wasn't until the fifth or sixth day that any noticeable chips really appeared. So in conclusion, two very bright thumbs up!

You can buy it online at American Apparel [here] for £9 each or interestingly, Asos sells them for £7 [here]. I will definitely be investing in the yellow very soon.

Worn with: bracelet (just seen), Alexander McQueen.

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