Thursday, 22 March 2012


DAY FOURTEEN: Blue polka dot trousers, Topshop 

If these look familiar, your eyes are not deceiving you – you might recall that a few months back, I featured these trousers in green [here]. I loved them so much that when Topshop reissued them in blue, I ran as fast as my little legs would carry me to grab a pair before they sold out, which of course they duly did and quickly.

I’ve been wearing them pretty much constantly, as have several other members of the fashion department - leading to some near-misses in the identical outfit stakes but they’re so versatile and comfy that its inevitable that one day two of us will eventually turn up in the same trews.

While they sold out at the speed of light, there were several pairs hanging out on eBay waiting for a good home when I looked earlier today and for bargain prices too. I’m hoping that Topshop will release another colourway soon, maybe a deep pink would be nice? What colour would you like to see them in?

Worn with: grey tee, H&M; necklace, Nocturne; Black pumps, Office.

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