Wednesday, 21 March 2012


DAY THIRTEEN: Bee Mine playsuit, Monsoon Fusion x Burt's Bees

Third day on the trot of sunshine and it's gone straight to my brain. And wardrobe. I picked up this cute little playsuit on the day of my now infamous Marni at H&M binge, arriving at the newly revamped Monsoon store at Marble Arch dragging my loot and grinning like a loon.

I wasn't meant to spend any more money after my blowout up the road but the second I laid eyes on this piece, all sensibility went flying out of the window and my card came flying into view again. Oops.

This playsuit is a collaboration between Monsoon and Burt's Bees in aide of the Honey Bee, which is slowly dying out in Britain. With every purchase from the range you receive a packet of wild flower seeds to sow in your garden/pot/window box, which will abstract the bees back. So really, my splurge was worthy rather than naughty this time, no? Plus, how cute are the little bees that are dotted all over the honeycomb print?

It's funny, everyone who sees it thinks that it's actually a dress because of the loose style of the bottom half which I quite like as most of my other playsuits are shorter and more boyishly structured. More girly than my usual style but I guess sometimes I have to step out of my tomboy box. (Says the girl who wore neon pink and florals yesterday.)

The playsuit is available for a very reasonable £58 [here] so buzz on over. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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  1. I seen this playsuit in Monsoon - so adorable! Loving the new 'girly' looks, by the way:)