Friday, 30 March 2012


DAY SEVENTEEN: Pastel floral tuxedo trousers, River Island

While I would never advocate being drunk in public, sometimes a little bit of, ahem, influenced shopping can lead to very interesting purchases finding their way into my wardrobe. A prime examples is the really rather extraordinary sunglasses that I bought on the last day of term at Uni after a celebratory lunch with one of my flatmates that I most definitely not even looked at otherwise.

Last night, after the whirlwind of press days and launches that had been my afternoon, I found myself in River Island on Oxford Street standing in front of these trousers and thinking 'oh yep, totally'. When I'd been in there the other day with a friend, I'd checked them out but as I pointed out to my friend, they broke the two biggest rules in my book:

1. They are a proper floral. Not some weird abstract/neon/watercolour floral but an actual proper 'oh look, petals' kind of floral. Look!:

2. They are pastel. As many of my regular readers will now probably know, I have a weird thing against pastels. Having been brought up on a diet of monochrome and never allowed to wear sugary colours as a child, I developed an allergy to any pale candy colours that has lasted into adulthood.

So not only do these trousers have pastel coloured flowers all over them, they also have a lavender tuxedo-style stripe down the sides. Now, tuxedo stripes are very flattering to the leg, so this time I'll allow the lavender even if it is a colour that I absolutely detest normally simply because it works here.

To end this story, imagine my surprise when all sensibility went flying out of the window and I found myself at the till, ready to spend what little money I have on PASTEL FLORAL TROUSERS.

The mind boggles. But the legs like.

Worn with: grey tee, H&M; necklace, Nocturne; Satchel, Marks & Spencer; Nude pumps, Office. Tortoiseshell Wayfarers, Ray-Ban; jacket, unknown.

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