Wednesday, 29 August 2012


DAY NINETEEN: Multicolour woven marble jumper, Warehouse

First off, apologies for the heinous photo today. It was taken after work, when I was knackered and had managed to rub most of my face off. Well done me.

I bought this 'marble' jumper in the Warehouse sale the same day I bought the yellow desert trek trousers and again, I have worn it to death in a few short weeks, quite literally. I keep on catching it on all manner of things - jewellery, belt buckles, even door handles - much to the amusement to all of those around me.

As you can see, I'm still big on the whole layering thing. And apparently the primary colours thing. Not one to usually wear dresses (too girly), I've recently been revisiting my collection and exploring new ways to wear them - often with oversized jumpers or checked shirts thrown over for a more grungy take as demonstrated here with a lovely silk dress I bought from Topshop Boutique a year ago that has hung in my wardrobe, unworn, since.

Since the photo above doesn't do it justice, here's a close up of the pink, white and pale blue threads that are woven together to create the marble effect:

Pretty, no? And good news! The jumper is still available online [here] in most sizes for a bargain price of £25. Run, don't walk.

Worn with: yellow stripe bag, Marks & Spencer; plimsolls, Converse Limited Edition; Navy silk dress, Topshop Boutique.

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