Tuesday, 19 February 2013



Day five has come around all too quickly and with it, my final day of the LBD challenge. For the occasion, I saved one of the best til last - the long sleeved fascienne dress from Scarlett Black. I have a small obsession with leather detailing (I own too many leather sleeved coats, tops and pairs of trousers to count), so this dress jumped straight out at me when I was browsing the site.

While it's been sunny today there's very much a February chill still in the air so I was really glad of the sleeves! I wanted to keep this outfit really simple as I love the structured panels of this dress which give it a really, solid substantial feel. While its very different in style to yesterday's Peter Pan collar and flouncy skirt number from Fount, it still definitely has a 60s vibe with the slight A-line to the skirt so I added a Jaeger silk shirt underneath that I picked up in the sales (down from £175 to £48 - bargain!) which contrasted nicely with the simpleness of the dress and replaced any need to bling necklaces today.

Now, let's talk about pockets. Pockets are definitely one of the things I have missed during this challenge - I always keep my phone, security pass, change and god knows what else about my person so all through London Fashion Week I've been rootling around in my handbags for errant items. It's lovely to be able to shove all of my bits and pieces into the substantial pockets of this dress and indeed my hands when I've been standing in the cold queues outside shows waiting to go in. 

So, has this tomboy been converted to frocks? Quite possibly. I have loved the ease of rolling out of bed each morning and throwing on a black dress and opaques and suddenly being dressed. And funnily, a lot of people who I've caught up with over the last five days have enquired as to whether I've lost weight - so there's a definite slimming effect! Who knows, I might need to pursue this for a full edition of Thirty Days!

So, over to you guys: which has been your favourite dress from my LBD x LFW challenge? Leave a comment here or tweet me @adulescent and the team from LittleBlackDress.co.uk @teamLBD and let us know!


  1. so pretty and stylish , lovely outfit.
    Parfum pas cher

  2. Every single outfit of yours I just lust after! Lovely post xx