Friday, 30 April 2010


DAY TWELVE: White canvas slip-ons, Converse (2001 Limited Edition)
Apologies for the delay in posting today, it’s been a crazy day which started with my handbag breaking just as I got too far from my house to go back and change it.
Anyway, HURRAH it’s Friday so I’m going casual and busting out the Converse again. I bought these while I was still at school and they come out every summer. I didn’t have a chance to wash them before I threw them so they look at bit like they’ve been through the wars. You probably can’t see it very clearly in the picture but they have a red and white swirly floral print that runs along the rubber trim - that coupled with the fact that they’re slip-on rather than the standard lace up style sold them to me all those years ago.
Worn with: Blue skinny jeans, Miss Selfridge; Polka dot vest, H&M; Grey vest, American Apparel; Leopard cardigan, Pure Collection. Not pictured: Grey leather trophy biker, Topshop; Spoon necklace, Aqua; UFO scarf, Topshop Unique; Broken leather saddle bag, Prada.

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