Monday, 7 November 2011


DAY EIGHTEEN: Gold ear cuff and comb, Asos

Remember how last week I said that I’d never had as many compliments and questions about a piece of jewellery until I wore the big blue faceted necklace from Freedom Premium? Well scrap that because there’s a new contender in town - this ear cuff from Asos. When I first saw it while surfing around during my lunch break, it took me back to my teenage years when I was what you would gently call ‘alternative’.

For this, read multicoloured hair, too much eyeliner, spikes on everything and trousers that could double as a tent when required. Of course, some of this still translates to my wardrobe today – the voluminous trousers may have been swapped for bruise-inducing skinnies but I still love a lot of eyeliner and have a serious weakness for spikes so I knew straight away that I needed this cuff in my life.

This also partly results from the fact that I can’t really wear earrings (except for my cartilage piercing) as when I do I get what I call ‘triangle face’. You’re probably going ‘huh?’ right now, right? Simply put, ear studs plus my labret stud (the one under my lip) equals a triangular set of studs that make me look slightly odd so I have barely worn earrings for about 9 years now. Well, that and the fact that I’m highly allergic to most metals apart from platinum, titanium etc which means any earring habit would prove to be a rather expensive one so I figure I’ll stick with cuffs for now.

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  1. wow, in love with that cuff. Personally I'm terrible at wearing earrings, I simply forget. They annoy me when sleeping, any really, so I will wear them during the day, take them out at night and forget all about them for a few months. So I've always favoured alternative jewellery such as ear cuffs, nose piercings and so on xxx