Wednesday, 9 November 2011


DAY TWENTY: Prince of Wales check jacket, River Island

I tend to do all of my winter jacket and coat shopping in August and I bought this jacket during one of those mini-heatwaves in the summer. Of course, trying on wool jackets in 30C heat during the Friday afternoon madness that is Oxford Street seemed like a totally sane thing to do at the time. God only knows why. I wish I could say I'd been high because that would be a slightly more believable excuse rather than the reality of the sudden desire to buy my winter wardrobe as I systematically sweated through my summer wardrobe as I tried to navigate the gormless tourists.

I don't know quite what drew me to this jacket, maybe I'd been listening to my 80s playlist too much that week but there was something about this really rather retro style that sucked me in and made me think of Princess Diana. Whether it's the double breasted style, the slightly padded shoulders or the PoW check, I'll never know but now whenever I look at it or wear it, I'm reminded of her. I'm not sure if that's a good reason to buy a jacket or not but it worked for me.

Plus, it's a great jacket for now as it's thick enough to keep me warm on the grey drizzly days that seem all too frequent right now but doesn't make me overheat on my daily commute from hell on the packed tubes.

Worn with: neckline detail jumper, New Look; Grey denim shorts, Zara.

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