Saturday, 15 September 2012


DAY ONE: Aztec skirt, Zara

What. A. Day. If you've been following me over on Rimmel London Australia's instagram and twitter, you'll know I've been a very, very busy bee.

I didn't know what the weather was going to do today but I decided to brave bare legs to go with my new Aztec-style beaded skirt but with lots of layers on my top half to keep me warm in cooler moments. I've done a double photo today to show day (less layers) and night, when the temperature dropped.

My biggest revelation from today has been the joys of a backpack, in particular this lovely cuddly number from Ruxx. Heaving my life around is considerably more comfortable when I have two straps!

More tomorrow, right now I need to faceplant into my pillow.

Worn with: black waffle knit, boots and frilled socks, all Topshop; spike necklace,; square chain necklace, Freedom at Topshop; cape jacket, Zara. jelly clutch, Christopher Kane; sunglasses, Kurt Geiger; scarf, All Saints.

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