Sunday, 17 February 2013



I challenge you not to want to wear a dress that literally has your name on it. When I came across the Antonia dress on Little Black Dress, it went straight into my selection of styles to wear during London Fashion Week and it was perfect for today.

I always call Sunday during LFW 'casual sunday' - this is the day when you'll often see the more laidback looks from editors - jeans, converse and comfy jumpers teamed with big dark glasses to hide the hangovers and tired eyes.

I was a little worse for wear after last night's Rihanna for River Island party so I wanted to wear something as comfortable as possible, which is wear the soft draped jersey of this dress came into play. Usually it's knee length but since those lengths don't suit me (fat knees), I added a belt to hitch it up a little and carry on the theme of knotted drape detailing from the neckline. 

I wanted to adhere to the dressed down feel of today so I threw on a beanie and my camo shirt from Zara for an urban grunge feel - I guess I'm still taking inspiration from Rihanna! While its been sunny, it still isn't that warm so I finished with my trusty leather biker, oversized All Saints scarf and my old Givenchy handbag to carry all of my essentials. While I was only going to the Topshop Unique show today, I knew I had to file copy so I needed to have my iPad, camera and notebook with me to give me a head start. 

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